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James shares his disappointing experience on, "Carnext is an absolutely despicable company to deal with. I have never encountered such utter disregard for the customer in my entire life! Utterly humiliating for the consumer, they STILL have my money and the car I purchased and STILL will not communicate about delivery arrangements. I have sent a daily email with literally no response. Equally don’t believe that you are buying a car with a 228 point check. YOU ARE NOT. Only once I had paid in full for the car and set an initial delivery date (taxed + insured the vehicle) did they ‘pull the car out of storage’ to complete the test prior to delivery the next day. They discovered a gearbox daily and indefinitely delayed delivery. They were acutely aware that I was deploying overseas the day after the agreed delivery and that my wife with a six-month-old baby would require a car to survive in rural Norfolk. I feel utterly powerless I have tried EVERYTHING and remain at the brunt of Carnext's complete contempt AVOID."


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Jackie Turner says

"Bought a car it came with dint in the door, they refused to put it right,told me to read the small print, ( your car may come with dints and scratches, I could have claimed on the return part of the contract but how looong would I have wait for my money back, Stay Away from this company"

Stuart McDonald says

"AVOID AVOID AVOID - Carnext are selling cars they know that the mileage is incorrect. BT67AYK is currently for sale on their site showing 28340 miles, this car was for sale at BCA Auction in from Carnext and it was declared that the mileage is incorrect and suspected to be almost double the mileage as a cam blocker was fitted and they could not get £11000 for it, now they want just under £15000. No mention of the mileage being incorrect or the cam blocker being fitted. Trading standards have been informed."

Ferdi says

"Bad experience @ CarNext Moordrecht"

LHJ says

"Awful. Sold me a car that didn’t have everything it said it did on the online ad. No help at all once I realised this. When I went on to part exchange my car at the official Mercedes dealership they said the dealership that sold me this car did not prepare it to a high standard at all and it needed work on it. Would not recommend waste of money and very poor service."

Neil says

"I can’t stress enough to everyone not to buy a car from this place. I was sold a 66 plate golf gtd in June with no heating, obviously wouldn’t notice there was no heating until winter. They are not willing to fix this problem because I didn’t notify them in the 14 days return that they offer. Would think my year warranty would cover it? Apparently not. My matrix system is completely blocked and has contaminated the whole system meaning it needs a new water pump and cambelt aswel as a matrix which I’ve been quoted £2300 and they’re not willing to fix or swap my car. They have deliberately sold me a car with no heating in the summer! Knowing I wouldn’t notice until winter it’s disgusting. If this problem is not resolved soon I will be contacting trading standards"

Kevin Quinlan says

"I think it is important to note that despite the response to my below review claiming they would be in touch 'today', 5 days later CarNext have still not made contact with me. Nobody has reached out to discuss the issues outlined in the below review and over the course of a week nobody has been able to tell me if the required oil change is covered by warranty. They simply do not return phone calls."

Ashley Davis says

"My car has been delivered to me with problems and I have already had to change the brake pads, discs and take it to the dealer to find any problems, there was a problem under the bonnet that has to be solved myself. I have had three courtesy cars already and my miles have gone up on the car too much!"

R Sehgal says

"Avoid this company ...probably the worst car dealer I have dealt with. Customer services are terrible, nice enough on phone, was told to send pictures of scratches and it would be dealt with , two weeks later and after sending the email 3 times, nothing. When I ordered the car I was told it had a 230 point check. Well the bushes were worn so the car was banging on bumps, I had it fixed at Mercedes.... When I ordered the car was asked for proof of tax and insurance, but no email to say all fine and delivery would be done, I had to keep calling, and was told they were too busy to answer emails.... I would avoid the company at all costs, not sure how they are in business . When you speak to them, it seems its the same three people in customer services, they are nice enough on phone, but actually don't action anything ..... On google reviews, their answer says to get in touch with customer services, well I did, many times, so please don't say that to me. Aaron told me to send photos and I would get a reply straight away, well that never happened, the car arrived dirty, passenger carpet area dirty, worn bushes, large scratches on bonnet, never got the proper service history even after asking may times...Please avoid this company ... I think they don't answer so the 14day refund passes... Below is a good example of the response. On 22nd they wrote the response saying they would call on 23rd at 3pm, then on 23rd, they amended that with 24th at 4pm, did the call come, nope !.. Honestly, it's a terrible company to deal with at any level . There are plenty of other places to buy cars, I just picked the wrong one"

Craig McBeath says

"Decent prices but poor communication. I bought a car from them 2 weeks ago. Contacted them the day after delivery as the car was missing some features which it was listed on website as having as well as having some minor internal trim damage. No reply and no acknowledgment of complaint until I chased them up. Now two weeks later we are still no closer to a resolution. Also website now seems to only list 5 cars available for sale which is a little concerning. I will update this review once my complaint has bee resolved." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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